Soul Jazz Courses

SoulJazz 101

Experience being nourished by dropping into deep and authentic levels of connection with self, other & world.

SoulJazz 101 is the first step in developing SoulJazz in your life. It serves as both a stand-alone event and a good introduction to deepening your life, the SoulJazz way.

          1. Learn to drop into and sustain deeper and more authentic levels of connection in your everyday life.
          2. Understand what stops you from living soulfully.
          3. Tap into an ongoing support community of peers and coaches who will help you continue to do this in your life.

SoulJazz 101 is the prerequisite for all other SoulJazz courses.

Next Course: October 26 – Dec 7, skipping Nov 30, one class every Sunday.

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Engaging Others with Depth

  1. Learn and practice engaging others soulfully and at varying depths. Experience the magic of engaging another without defenses and as whole, authentic and mysterious.
  2. Discriminate and choose between levels. Become aware and choiceful within the full spectrum of relationships: I / It, I / I, I / Thou.
  3. Develop tools to engage self, other and world consciously and choicefully. Learn to engage and relate to others consciously, intentionally and powerfully.
  4. Practice applying the principles of SoulJazz your everyday life.Tap into a support community with whom you can continue to do this in your life.

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Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand is a tool for actualizing your heart’s desire.

  1. Discover how to give your life direction through the choices you make. Become the author of your life story instead of a mere character in it.
  2. Learn how to make real, sustainable change in your life and relationships. Let go of the embedded belief patterns that limit your potential for growth.
  3. Understand the relationship between intention – who you choose to be and action – what you choose to do. You are not defined by what you do. Rather what you do is a vehicle for expressing who you are.
  4. Learn what drives transformative change in your life and what blocks it.

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Becoming Man, Becoming Woman

        1. Re-vision how we experience and relate to each other as men and women. Learn to be more playfully connected to your own and another’s gender as you develop and sustain greater depth and intimacy in your relationships.
        2. Explore and Access Masculine and Feminine Archetypes. Discover and liberate these deep soul energies in yourself and begin to incorporate them into your unfolding life.
        3. Embody Your Gender, Both in Its Limits and its Limitlessness. Become more aware of your sense of gender — in both its limits and its possibilities.
        4. Engage Eros Healthily. Explore with frank and living depth how to experience and express your sexuality in ways that are both healthy, vital and appropriate. Learn how to be erotic without either suppressing or irresponsibly acting out!

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