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Introduction to Song of Intimacy

Many of us long for more intimacy, more connection.You may have felt real intimacy during a late night conversation with a close friend when, all of a sudden, the conversation “dropped down” and you seemed to really be seeing them and they you for the first time. In such a moment time and space seems nearly to dissolve, doesn’t it? And all we’re aware of is the connection.

Or perhaps a feeling of being connected with yourself, “really here,” came while you were listening to music, when somehow you seemed to rise above your everyday anxieties. At times like these, we feel so linked in, that the world is OK and, despite it all, we are too. Right?

We call these moments of Soul, times in which we feel connected, intimate, that we care and are cared for. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live with such Soul, every day?

This problem is particularly acute in those of us who are “spiritual.” We can open sometimes to the spirit on the meditation mat or the Church pew, but still struggle with our spouse or our boss and mutter at the traffic! Spiritual depth does not always foster intimacy, connection or care. Soul work does!

There are three ways to approach the mystery of the divine.
The first practice is prayer.
The second is meditation.
And the third, and most important, is intimate conversation.

SoulJazz trains you to understand and develop the skills to build a life, in your world, with your friends and loved ones, of just such deep connections and honest authenticity—every day. It offers you know-how, effective tools, a safe space to practice and real help and support for bringing more intimacy and connection into your life, loves and communities. Not just when you’re attending worship services or meditating, but in your everyday life and world world. You know: a life of Soul!

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