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What would life be like if you could actually create the deep and real connections you’ve been longing for in your everyday relationships?

Many of us feel unable to create deeper, more soulful (i.e. intimate) connections with friends or loved ones.

SoulJazz answers this longing in a six class webinar. It helps folks make deeper, more intimate and loving contact with their friends, loved ones and work mates.

If you or your clientele have friends or live with a family, deal with other people in their day-to-day lives and want to do any of these things better, this is the course for them.

SoulJazz offers talks and practical experience to help folks listen into the depths, and learn the secrets to making deeper, more intimate contact.

If you’ve ever wondered how to create more genuine and loving connections with yourself, your friends or with other people, SoulJazz is the program for you. It really does teach folks to listen into the depths, listen to themselves, listen to each other, and learn the secret to making more authentic and heartfelt contact.

By Intimacy we don’t mean of the sexual but rather of the everyday and conversational kind. You may have felt such intimacy during a late night conversation with a close friend when, all of a sudden, the conversation “dropped down” and you seemed to really connect for the first time. Or perhaps it came as a feeling of being “really here” while you were listening to music, when somehow you seemed to rise above your everyday anxieties. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have more of this connectedness in your life?

On Developing Intimacy: Many have told us that they know they want a different way to be with others but don’t know how to bring it about. Others have told us they’re afraid they’ll offer something of themselves, only to be hurt when others don’t reciprocate. 

We answer questions like these by providing tools, concepts and even day to day practices that address these fears and actually help. Folks who have taken the program have told us that even though a webinar, SoulJazz gives them know-how and tools to make the kind of contact they wanted.


Here’s what our participants are saying:

“Because of the SoulJazz program, I feel a renewed relationship to the universe and a Higher Power. I am so very grateful.” (PH Oregon)

 “SoulJazz allowed me to go surprisingly deep.” (CO, Arizona)

 “The SoulJazz program was such a joy! Conversations were rich and full, and satisfying for me on a “soul” level.” (PC: Ottowa)





SoulJazz is team created A team of spiritual leaders, teachers and facilitators discovered that despite their years as practitioners or teachers of meditation, of praying or giving sermons, too often people’s spiritual openings and deepenings did not lead to opening their relationships or everyday lives. Indeed, often the very spiritual practices they taught led to closing and defending against different beliefs or even from friends and loved ones. To address this problem the team developed the SoulJazz program.

It is facilitated by Dr. Forman and Kerry Gordon, a Toronto psychotherapist, and Robert Forman, refined the materials and developed the final teaching guide for the program. They currently co-facilitate the courses as face to face and Webinar format.

It is a program of “The Forge Institute for Spirituality and Social Change.” Founded in 1996 by Robert K.C. Forman, Ph.D, The Forge Institute brought together spiritual teachers, leaders and dedicated souls from every path to help them open their hearts and deepen their lives in a multi-traditional context.



Dr. Robert K.C. Forman, founder and co-facilitator of SoulJazz, is available for interviews & features.

Robert Forman is a media host’s dream come true; he is impeccable, knowledgeable, and sincerely ready for anything. He has heart and wisdom and is a living example of what he teaches! Dr. Forman is absolutely on my top ten list of people leading today’s human potential movement.

Maryanne Comaroto, host of “Maryanne Live Radio” show on relationships.


Dr. Forman is such a great guest and brings incredible energy. I hope he comes back on my show any time!!!.

Dara Blaker, “Dara on the Radio” Hostess

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About Dr. Robert K. C Forman, Ph.D.

Dr. Forman is the founder and co-facilitator of the Soul Jazz Program. Since the publication of his very well received Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be, he has helped develop the SoulJazz program, which has helped many on their own journey towards depth, honesty and engaging the “messiness of everyday life” with authenticity and grace. Dr. Forman is a Ph.D from Columbia, a tenured professor, and an Honorary Doctor from Sweden’s Lund University. He’s been married to Yvonne for 38 years and is a father of 2, grandfather, interfaith minister, motorcyclist, and not a bad blues guitarist.



Sample questions

What is the SoulJazz program?

You talk about intimacy a lot. Can you clarify what you mean by that?

Can you give us one of your favorite examples of improved communication or of intimacy.

What sort of practical value does this sort of work have?

We all communicate. Aren’t we all doing this sort of thing?

Can we do this with everyone? You talk about vulnerability, but we’ve all had the experience of sharing with someone who didn’t share back, or who used it later against us.

Does SoulJazz have anything to say about long term relationships or marriages?

Isn’t this just another kind of spirituality? Of self help?

Who developed the SoulJazz program and why?

Why is it called “soul” “jazz”?

Can everyone develop these skills? 

I understand you’re offering this in an unusual format. What’s that?

What can people do now to create this kind of life for themselves? Any short cuts?

When’s next class? How much does it cost?

So Robert, how can people learn more? Or how sign up for next class?