SoulJazz 101: Special offer


This webinar introduces the core principles, structure, and practices of SoulJazz.

Experience being nourished by dropping into deep and authentic levels of connection with self, other & world.


SoulJazz 101 is the first step in developing SoulJazz in your life. It serves as both a stand-alone event and a powerful first step towards deepening your life, the SoulJazz way.

    1. Learn to drop into and sustain deeper and more authentic levels of connection in your everyday life. Have you ever had a moment when you start saying things you’ve never said before? Honest things, true things: We teach that these are moments of soul, that is: 
      • A sense of something new emerging
      • Feels deeply true, real, authentic

      Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to find such honesty more regularly, and with even more friends and lovers?

    2. Understand what stops you from living more soulfully.  if soulful encounters are so wonderful, why don’t we engage in them more often and consistently? There are two main challenges:
    • Habitual patterns of thought, behavior, self image, etc.stand in our way
    • Fear of opening to the new and alive. We discuss what to do about these common, healthy fears.

3. Tap into an ongoing support community of peers and coaches who will help you continue to do this in your life. During the webinar, we engage in conversations and practices of soulfulness. And we set up a multi-tiered system to support you if you want to weave more soulfulness into your everyday life and relationships.

SoulJazz 101 is the prerequisite for all other SoulJazz courses and the forum.

Date, Time: Starts Oct 26 ends Dec 7; , meets once a week, Sundays, with a break after Thanksgiving.

Cost: $195 for all 6 sessions . If you complete the course but are not completely satisfied, we will happily refund your course fee, no questions asked.

For further information or to sign up without going to Paypal for the SoulJazz 101 Webinar, drop us a line at .