Take a Stand for Your Own Life

Most of us recognize we need to change in some important way. Maybe how we are in our career, our relationships or within ourselves, we just know that however we’ve been doing things so far, we’ve come to the end of the line. We just can’t continue in the same way we have. But all too often, even when we know what we need, we put it off by saying things like, “One of these days …” “I wish …” or “I hope …” And every time we say these words we put our lives on hold waiting for some future time when we’ll finally be ready. Instead of actually making changes we become experts in yearning.

How do we go about making real changes — right here, right now?

So how do we go about making those real changes — right here, right now?

Many of us think we need to do something different. But that’s backwards. It’s not what we do but how we are holding ourselves that’s the problem. The key question should be, “who do I need to be to make this change?” Once clear on about the who, then its easy to think of what we need to do.

We need to develop, in other words, both intention about who we are and practices about how to manifest that. We call the process “Taking a Stand.” We find it’s an amazing how-to guide for going from being a mere character in our lives to being the author.