What is SoulJazz?

Thank you SoulJazz! I overcame many of my deepest fears and gained more practical applied intimacy in our six week workshop than all the related seminars I ever took in decades. Rolland Vasin, LA.

If you are here, you have probably had a moment or three of deep connection.

Perhaps one came when you felt like a failure and were frustrated with yourself but then, unexpectedly, your heart broke open and you felt an outpouring of compassion for yourself; and knew it was okay to be who you were, warts and all.

Or it might have been when you were standing by the edge of a lake as the sun was setting, when all your familiar mind chatter simply stopped. A loon called. And you weren’t quite sure if you were the loon, the lake or the person standing there in awe.

Maybe one came while talking about the future with your spouse, when you each understood, and were discovering aloud, who you each were and what you are together.

We call these moments of Soul. They are times of deep, open and honest intimacy, vulnerability, heart. They carry a palpable sense that you are fully in your life, that you don’t need to hide anything for there is nothing to hide.

By a “Soulful” life we mean that we

  • Experience intimacy, routinely
  • Have fulfilling connections with others
  • Care for others, sincerely, and, often harder, know that we are cared for
  • Feel that we are not victims, not on cruise control, but are a full participant in our lives.

SoulJazz trains you to understand and develop the skills to make such Soul connections with yourself and others more readily—every day. We help you understand, and experience, going deep—not just when you’re attending worship services or sitting in meditation but in your everyday relationships with yourself, another and the larger world.

Here are some of the programs we offer to help you bring greater intimacy and depth back into your life:

  • SoulJazz 101

    How to bring the richness of spiritual depth into your everyday life. Read more.

  • Breathing life into your relationships

    How to establish and sustain deeper relationships with yourself and others. Read more.

  • Creating your own destiny

    How to change from being a mere character in your life to being the its author. Read more.

  • Living the Erotic

    How to feel, express and live your erotic side more fully, consciously, responsibly and creatively. Read more.

You might be wondering, why do we call it SOULjazz, not SPIRITUALjazz? If so, click here.

Or you might be wondering, why do we call it soulJAZZ? If so, click here.

Who we are.