Who We Are

The SoulJazz programs will be facilitated by:

Kerry Gordon is a psychotherapist and spiritual director in Toronto who has been in private working with couples, individuals, and groups since 1992. “It was when my father died in 1986 that my relationship with psychotherapy really began. His death was the tipping point in a series of events that pulled the rug from under my life. All that I had expected and depended on seemed to suddenly vanish. I was overcome with a sense of hopelessness and despair. But I have come to realize that what seemed so unbearable at the time was actually a rare gift. If not for the profound emotional and spiritual crisis that touched my life I would never have reached out for help. Finding a sympathetic psychotherapist to guide me I began a journey that took me below the surface and into the depths of who I really am. I am pleased at how effective the SoulJazz program is at bringing those depths to participants.”

Dr. Robert K.C. Forman is the founder and a lead facilitator in the Forge Institute and the Soul Jazz Programs. Since the publication of his very well received Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be, he has helped many Spiritual Counselling clients on their own journey towards depth, honesty and engaging the “messiness of everyday life” with authenticity and grace. Dr. Forman is a Ph.D from Columbia, a tenured professor, and an Honorary Doctor from Sweden’s Lund University. He’s been married to Yvonne for 38 years and is father of 2, grandfather, interfaith minister, avid motorcyclist, and not a bad blues guitarist.

The Soul Jazz Program is a program of the Forge Institute for Spirituality and Social Change. Founded in 1996 by Robert K.C. Forman, Ph.D, The Forge Institute brought together spiritual teachers, leaders and dedicated souls from every path to help them open their hearts and deepen their lives in a multi-traditional context.

We discovered that despite our members’ years as practitioners or teachers of meditation, of praying or giving sermons or as writers and believers, this is, alas, harder than it looks. Though sometimes the soul-magic happens, too often our attempts at opening and deepening led to closing and defending—our religious beliefs or our (pre-cooked) spiritual answers.


The Original SoulJazz Team: From Left: Tom Feldman, Michael Schwartz, Phil Goldberg, Diana Denton, Mary Ellen Trahan, Doug Kruschke, Robert Forman

The SoulJazz program was developed by about a dozen members of the Forge, who all felt there must be a better way to help each other go honest and go deep. Over about three years of doing just that—and reflecting on what worked and what didn’t—we developed a series of workshops, webinars, understandings and ways to help folks become deeper, more honest, more soulful, more alive. You know: SoulJazz!